3D implantology: virtual planning for greatest success

3 D implantology dentures

Sometimes a denture is unavoidable. There are several different options for dentures for this purpose. This also includes dental treatment with dental implants.

3D implantology – a safe and gentle procedure

In all medical fields, developments that are considered innovative are aimed at the most gentle, minimally invasive and safe treatments and methods possible. This is also the case in dentistry, especially in the field of dental implantology, the planned procedure and the use of implants for the tooth.
Recently the dentist has been using more and more a modern method of 3 D implantology . In addition to the conventional insertion of implants, 3D implantology is increasingly being used, especially for patients with a toothless jaw or with complicated anatomical conditions.

The computer-controlled 3D implant planning before the surgical procedure

Before the implantation, the dentist takes X-rays that are three-dimensional . The skull and jaw are thus represented. The CT technology in radiology practices or the DVT technology in a dental practice are suitable for this.
During the X-ray examination, the patient wears a template in the mouth that was specially developed for the X-ray and is made from models of the upper and lower jaw. There are markings on the template that are visible in the X-ray slices and are important for planning. The software offers three-dimensional images of the anatomy of the skull, of the teeth, the jawbone, the maxillary sinus and also the course of the nerves in the bony canal of the lower jaw.
These pictures are essential for planning the 3 D implantology on the PC. The doctor at the dental practice uses the computer to determine the best possible positions for the implants in the bone, the angles and also the depth of the drilling for inserting the implants. The structure of the bone can be seen in detail in the 3D images, so that the doctor can use this data to optimally plan the quality of the bone, its width and the exact course of the nerves.

Risk reduction and improvement of dentures with implants

The planning process in 3D implantology ensures a high level of security for the course of the surgical procedure. This procedure ensures that damage and injury to tooth roots, neighboring teeth, maxillary sinuses and also nerves is reduced during this dental treatment.
Dental treatment in 3D implantology also enables improvements in functionality and aesthetics. The dentist has the ideal replacement for the tooth made on the implants in the dental laboratory. The doctor at the dental practice can often provide the patient with replacements, crowns or prostheses on the day of the operation.

The doctor is navigated during the implantation process using a drilling template during the surgical procedure

For precision and safety during the surgical procedure, an individual drilling template is produced using 3D diagnostics .
The dentist is navigated during the surgical procedure. The drilling template enables the drill to be guided at exactly the right angle and depth to the direction of the implant.
The implantation is therefore minimally invasive . The procedure is associated with less bleeding, less swollen treatment area, and less pain. The time of the operation is short.

What are the advantages of 3D implant surgery?

It can be precisely planned virtually. The 3 D drilling template facilitates the exact positioning of the implant. A gentle implantation is possible. 3 D implantology enables the best possible use of the existing bone, bone augmentation is less necessary. Another great advantage is the minimal risk of injury , faster wound healing and the short duration of the operation . The dental restoration is predictable thanks to the virtual simulation of the dental prosthesis on the screen. A precisely fitting temporary bridge can be fabricated before implantation. The successes are high and documented. The results of the treatments are very aesthetic and functional .

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