Bleaching – with professional bleaching for a perfect smile

Pure white teeth are aesthetically beautiful. But not everyone can enjoy a radiant smile. With coffee or tea, nicotine or health problems, teeth can lose their natural white and prevent pure white laughter. Anyone who no longer dares to smile in public can remedy the situation with professional whitening in the dental practice.

The dentist explains the dental treatment

If you are thinking about teeth whitening, the dentist is of course the first point of contact. Even if you are offered numerous products for home teeth whitening in the drugstore as well as in the supermarket, it is better to choose the money in a professional treatment for teeth whitening. After a thorough diagnosis, the dentist can choose which method would be the ideal treatment for his patient. A distinction can be made between two methods. On the one hand, there is the in-office method, in which the treatment is carried out entirely in the dental practice. With home bleaching, the dentist fits his patient into a special dental splint that the patient can wear at home every day.

In-office method

With the help of oxygen peroxide, the dentist can whiten the teeth of his patient. First of all, the gums are well covered so that the bleach does not damage the delicate gums. The doctor then professionally cleans the tooth before he and the patient select the shade that is to be achieved after the dental treatment. Then he applies the bleach to the teeth. Then the chemical agent has to stay on the teeth for about 20 to 30 minutes to work properly. The effect can be intensified through the use of light and heat. Usually one session in the dentist’s office is enough to whiten the teeth by a few shades of color.

Home whitening

The method of treatment, which the patient can carry out in their own four walls after visiting the dentist, takes a few weeks. In the first step, the dentist fits his patient into a special splint that contains a kerbamide peroxide gel. The splints have to be worn for around two hours a day in order to achieve a lightening effect. The splint should be used every day for about two weeks and then cleaned thoroughly so that the teeth can be bleached successfully. The doctor receives his patient regularly to assess the progress.

Can everyone have their teeth whitened?

Not everyone can have their teeth bleached. Healthy teeth that have no fillings or cracks in the enamel in the dentition are a prerequisite for successful treatment. Likewise, patients who have sensitive teeth can. Have problems with the treatment, as the teeth can be heavily stressed during the treatment. Teeth whitening is also not recommended for patients with allergies to bleach. Teeth whitening with products from the drugstore is also not recommended.

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