CAMLOG Implant: Reliable implant quality for patients

Camlog implant

A dental prosthesis can be used, for example, in the event of a tooth eruption due to an accident , an illness or a tooth that has been destroyed by caries . An implant is a type of denture that is screwed into the jaw. These are made from a wide variety of materials and from a wide variety of providers. In order to bring you closer to the Camlog brand and to show you the pros and cons, all important information is summarized for you below. It is important to be well informed about all the risks and the perfect solution for yourself before an implant. Every bit is different and every body reacts differently to different materials that are used.

The enterprise

The Camlog company introduced its first dental implants in 1999. Since then she has been continuously improving her products and already has a very wide range on offer. Including implant system e, which can be compared with a dowel . The implant is firmly screwed into this type of dowel and is therefore robust and stable over the long term.

Benefits of a Camlog implant

If no bone had to be built up beforehand, Camlog implants are characterized by the fact that they can be loaded immediately . This means that the implant can be loaded again directly after the treatment, for example by eating solid food. With other implants, solid food has to be avoided for a longer period of time. This is possible due to the special stability of the implants. These are firmly screwed into the bone and can no longer be moved there. If your bone is being rebuilt or your tooth is not yet ready for immediate loading, Camlog implants will still show positive results thanks to a very short healing phase . Thanks to a titanium surface , your wound heals quickly and the wrong tooth is soon attached to your bone.

Disadvantages of dental treatment

As with any treatment, there can be disadvantages here too. Generally speaking, these can occur with any implant. It’s about inflammation, for example if the implant is improperly cleaned. In addition, a dentist with too little experience can insert your implant incorrectly or inaccurately. Therefore, you should inform yourself well about any cleaning and consult your doctor beforehand. The titanium used is a material that has many positive properties such as robustness and temperature resistance, but is often repelled by the body and even triggers an allergy.

Alternatives from the dental office

If you are worried you will not tolerate titanium, you can think about an alternative option. A Camlog implant is also available in ceramic or zirconium . In most cases, ceramics are well tolerated and are often used as an alternative. Zircon is becoming more and more important in dental treatment. It shows very positive properties such as stability and a high tolerance rate. It naturally has a very smooth surface and is resistant even after a long period of time.

Worries about the dental practice

Some people do without an implant because of their great fear of the dentist. With a good preliminary discussion and planning, you can benefit from a brief intervention for your entire life. Those who take good care of an implant and have it inserted by a competent dentist usually have no further problems after the dental treatment. During this, the gums are numbed and no pain is felt. If the tooth is extracted, you will often be placed under general anesthesia if you wish, and you will not experience any pain.

Caring for your Camlog implant

Your dentures must be well cared for for long-term results. Products for this are often sold in the dental practice. There are special creams or dental floss that fight bacteria. It’s about keeping the mouth clean of bacteria so that no inflammation occurs. Twice a year a doctor, possibly the one from the dental practice where you made your implants, should do a thorough cleaning.

CAMLOG implants belong to common manufacturers such as Thommen Medical and Straumann. We use the implants of the Swiss manufacturer Thommen Medical in the dental practice Karamousli.

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