Ceramic implants – the metal-free implant solution

A beautiful smile – thanks to ceramic implants!

No matter how hard some people take care of their teeth. Sometimes nothing helps and then you need a dentist. Ceramic implants are also ideal for this. This is created and used as part of a dental treatment. Ceramic implants can be of great help, especially if the front teeth are crumbling or are no longer there due to an accident. The difference to real teeth is not immediately noticeable to others. So it is possible that patients can wear a wonderful smile on their faces again through this dental treatment. A good dentist will create a treatment plan for his patients in which all costs are clearly entered.

Advantages and disadvantages of ceramic implants

If a ceramic implant is chosen as part of the dental treatment, there are also advantages and disadvantages, as in almost all areas. Patients should know this in order to be able to make a decision in the context of dental treatment. Of course, in a good dental practice, the dentist will always take time for a detailed consultation. But some things don’t come to mind right away.


  • fully compatible
  • natural, biological product
  • high flexural strength
  • ideal degree of hardness
  • Shade in the natural tooth shade
  • low risk of ignition


  • Healing process of approx. 24 weeks
  • Healing without stress
  • Possible damage during the grinding process
  • Higher material costs.

Alternative to the ceramic implant

The dentist may rather not recommend using a ceramic implant. A slightly more expensive titanium implant is then an alternative. This is one-piece and can therefore be more of an advantage with some types of dentures. The dental prosthesis, known colloquially as a zirconium implant, actually consists of zirconium (IV) oxide and comes very close to the titanium implant. There are also other materials from which dentures are made. Every good dentist in the dental clinic will provide his patients with adequate information about the implants that are in question.

Risks and side effects of dental implants

Since dental implants are always prostheses, there may be risks and side effects in the context of dental treatment. This can be a prolonged healing process, but also an incorrectly inserted dental implant. In addition, inflammation in the gums can also occur. Therefore, a follow-up examination at a dentist must always be observed. In this way, side effects can be identified and treated at an early stage. Patients shouldn’t be afraid to call the dental office if they have a problem. That way you can help quickly.

Anesthetic methods in the dental office

Over time, a fear of going to the dentist has crystallized among many patients. Every good dentist knows how to deal with this. There are now gentle methods, especially in the context of dental treatments where anesthesia is used. In this way, anxious patients can also take a seat on the dentist’s chair. In addition to the option of treating under general anesthesia, there are other options for gentle treatment such as B. a gentle hypnosis. Patients should always be open and honest and tell their dentist that they are afraid. This is the only way for the attending physician to address the fears. Sedation can be used particularly in the context of dental treatment where a ceramic implant is used. The advantage here is that the patient can be addressed but does not feel any pain. Treatment in twilight sleep has a similar effect.

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