Aesthetic dentistry

“All human longings concern beauty.” (Rufenacht CR.)

Aesthesia in ancient Greece meant sensation or sensibility. In modern European languages such as German, aesthetics refers to the perception of beauty. The term cosmetics, in turn, also comes from the Greek – cosmos there meant something like jewelry, ornaments. According to some dentists, esthetics and cosmetics are not necessarily synonymous.

Aesthetic dentistry promotes the natural beauty of the mouth and face not by superficial means, but by real structural change.

For this reason, I have dedicated the last 20 years in the field of Aesthetic – Reconstructive Dentistry and the inevitable for a perfect implementation of this, Orthodontics, with numerous training courses and master’s degrees.

Smile makeover with veneers: What you should bear in mind.

A bright and confident smile for Hollywood stars – Smile Makeover with Veneers

A smile is the first impression we make on other people. So, it is important that our smile looks bright and genuine. However, if our teeth are small or crooked, our smile can seem rather unattractive. However, with a smile makeover with veneers, dentists can correct this shortcoming and give you a radiant smile that restores your confidence and joy in laughing.

Preparation for your veneers

Before Hollywood stars step in front of the camera for their next big role, they have a lot to prepare for. One of the most important things is to make sure they have a bright smile. This can be achieved with a smile makeover, which uses veneers.

Before the veneers are applied, the dentist must check the condition of the patient’s teeth. This includes an examination of the teeth and gums as well as X-rays and digital impressions. When the dentist determines that the patient is suitable, he or she will begin preparing the teeth for the procedure. In some cases, orthodontic pretreatment of malocclusions is performed using Invisalign for gentler treatment.

The radiant smile that stands out from the smiles of others? That is the task of Digital Smile Design. With the help of the latest technology and high-precision dental scanners, we make a digital impression of your teeth, which we pass on to our dental technician with just one click. Our technician plans the perfect smile makeover individually for you using the 3D software. Taking part in the Digital Smile Design planning also takes away some of the reservations of patients, because they can directly see the final result of the treatment by means of a mock up. This is a trial restoration made of tooth-colored acrylic that is placed directly in your mouth. Photos and videos are made, if desired, direct changes in shape, length and color. They are no longer spectators, but are actively involved in the planning. The subsequent treatment thus also becomes motivating.

Looking forward to your final veneers

It is then not far to the perfect smile. When you are satisfied with the design of your smile makeover, it is sent to the technician via a digital “impression” and your veneers are fabricated. In the meantime, you will be provided with temporaries that look exactly like the final veneers. So you already have time and a lot of anticipation to get used to your new smile.

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