Implant bridge: the permanent replacement for your teeth

Your radiant smile in competent hands!

Nothing stands for health and vitality like a radiant smile with beautiful, white teeth.
A professionally inserted implant bridge increases your quality of life and gives you a secure bite back. Finally enjoy hearty dishes again and hard bread crusts are no longer a problem. Implants are artificial tooth roots that are placed in the dental office by your dentist. This treatment method has been used for many years now, is scientifically recognized and enables your dentist to significantly expand the range of treatments for dentures. The type of dental treatment is constantly evolving. New technologies and materials deliver modern results and results. For you, as a patient in your dental practice, this means maximum dental comfort at the highest level.
Implant bridges are enjoying growing popularity and the area of suitable dentures can no longer be imagined without them. They are used for fixation and significantly improve the hold when replacing individual teeth. Unnecessary grinding of neighboring teeth can be avoided. Implant bridges ensure an optimal, static distribution of forces and provide ideal solutions for building a permanent denture in an edentulous jaw.

used material

Implant bridges are usually made of titanium , but ceramic or a mixture of both materials is also used. They are stable and extremely durable and thus ensure lasting satisfaction and optimal dental health. However, there are also reservations about materials made of metal. The chronically ill in particular, who suffer from ailments such as rheumatism, allergies or other metabolic diseases, prefer metal-free implants. Recognized scientists have been working on the material titanium for a long time. Its biocompatibility has long been confirmed and overreactions are hardly known. The ingenious thing that happens after the use of a titanium implant is what is known as osseointegration. This leads to a molecular connection between the foreign material and the jawbone. New bone cells are formed that accumulate around the artificial tooth roots . The implant can heal firmly and the implant bridge thus has a firm and secure hold. Implant bridges are extremely light and elastic as well as break-proof and durable. But implants made of ceramic also offer many advantages and are very popular.
It must be emphasized that the term ceramic is not entirely correct, because the ceramic implants used are made of zirconium oxide. According to the current state of knowledge, allergies and intolerances are hardly known. The healing process is also described mostly positively. The color design of the teeth offers an absolute advantage here. Particularly beautiful, natural results are achieved. Healing takes a little longer, and a shorter shelf life is suspected compared to titanium implants. Long-term studies and scientific tests regarding the durability are still ongoing.

Care and follow-up treatment

Proper care is fundamental to the beauty and durability of your implant. In addition to conscientious daily home care, regular use of implant prophylaxis and follow-up care in your dental practice is essential. Inadequate care promotes the development of peri-implantitis and increases the risk of losing the implant. Be sure to follow your dentist’s care instructions.

Anesthesia and numbness

Many patients shy away from dental interventions because they are among the so-called fearful patients . These fears are unfounded as the entire procedure is performed under local anesthesia and the entire area where the implants are placed is anesthetized. Pain during the entire treatment is absolutely unnecessary and can be almost completely eliminated. It can be re-injected at any time during the treatment, which prevents any sensation of pain.
In the case of a massive anxiety disorder, however, the use of general anesthesia can also be considered. In this case, a competent anesthetist will be called in. Your dental treatment can be designed according to your wishes. However, it must be taken into account that anesthesiology cannot be used for every follow-up treatment and that many treatment steps can only be carried out under local anesthesia. Discuss everything in detail with your dentist so that your dental treatment can be perfectly organized and you too can soon laugh heartily again.

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