Kieferchirurgie Weissheitszähne

What is the significance of wisdom teeth?

Dentists m / f / d speak of “the aft” when they mean the molars, which only appear in the eighth position from the middle of the jaw until the end of the 21st year of life. This stele is difficult to access when brushing your teeth and there are advantages and disadvantages in the subsequent treatment, which will be examined in more detail in a moment. This molar becomes a chronic reservoir of infection if it is not properly brushed regularly or if it has not completely erupted. Recurring inflammation caused by bacteria that settle in the cheek pouches is one of the consequences. The resulting cysts can weaken the jawbone. Leaning against the neighboring tooth, healthy teeth will sooner or later be affected. Weak spots in the jawbone can be seen in the area of those special molars that show up late in young adulthood. If there is not enough space to classify oneself in the jaw, difficulties and a possible dental phobia are inevitable during oral surgery.

Dental fear as a brake on the necessary oral surgery treatment?

Dental treatment is postponed due to the fear of dentists, wisdom teeth that need treatment do not tolerate such postponement. With the dental practice in the field of maxillofacial surgery, which is prepared for such cases, those affected are on the right side. Fear of dentists must not become a brake, necessary treatments must be carried out now and not later. Anxiety patients must first admit that they are afraid of dental treatment. Treatment by a psychologist m / f / d will find out the causes of exaggerated fears. If you know the causes, you can find a way out of the dentist crisis.

Benefits in treating anxiety patients

  • the tension decreases when the treatment is divided into small stages
  • Enlightening conversations as relaxation methods reduce anxiety
  • anesthesia is possible on request
  • Before going to the maxillofacial surgery, a visit to a psychologist is recommended in order to decipher the causes of a deeply hidden dental fear
  • Loud drilling noises, which frighten patients m / f / d, can be reduced by the ear protection
  • the experienced dentist knows about anxiety patients and is considerate and uses hypnosis techniques if necessary

Disadvantages of dental phobia

  • Avoiding an important dental treatment because of the dental phobia exacerbates the discomfort

Dental practice for difficult cases

In such cases, the dentist m / f / d takes a lot of time for the anxious patient m / f / d, a feel-good atmosphere is created in the dental practice. In addition to treatments on the molars that have become infected, dentures are also offered. Maxillary surgical tooth removals with or without dentures are necessary in some cases and are precisely prepared. Before the surgical removal of wisdom teeth, the advantages and disadvantages must be weighed up in order to make a decision together with the dentist being treated. The panoramic x-ray shows how damaged the molar is. The three-dimensional imaging shows where the focus of inflammation is.

Advantages of surgical removal of wisdom teeth

  • a specialist examination of the tissue shows whether the wisdom tooth extraction is necessary
  • General risks such as wound infection, swelling or the risk of bleeding are explained in detail in the personal dentist consultation
  • Dental treatment takes place under general anesthesia by arrangement
  • Storage of leftovers with the risk of chronic hiding places is no longer possible after removal
  • Biting problem when eating due to the incomplete breakthrough will be solved
  • Outpatient treatments or treatments in twilight sleep are partly possible
  • Gentle removal of wisdom teeth in specialized dental practices

Disadvantage of surgical removal of wisdom teeth

  • Later dentures can no longer be attached after the surgical removal of the wisdom teeth
  • Jaw fractures are favored in some high-risk sports after the removal of the whiteness teeth
  • Complications are sometimes possible and prolong the duration of treatment

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