Laser treatment against tooth decay

Tooth decay is a disease of the teeth caused by the metabolism of bacteria. It occurs when the bacteria contained in the dental plaque convert sugar from food into acid over a long period of time on the tooth. The disease can be treated at an early stage with modern laser technology. Useful information on the subject of laser treatment at the dentist’s and caries treatment is listed below.

Causes of tooth decay

Inadequate oral hygiene and a high-sugar diet promote the development of caries. However, caries bacteria are responsible for the cause. The bacterium Streptococcus mutans is considered to be particularly dangerous. Caries bacteria live on the compounds of sugar from the food residues that accumulate in the plaque. If the sugar is converted by the bacteria, lactic acids are formed. These attack the tooth enamel and demineralize it. This can lead to damage to the tooth pulp and tooth nerve and, in addition to caries treatment at the dentist’s office, a root canal treatment must also be carried out in order to save the tooth.

Alternative caries treatment – laser instead of drilling

In addition to the conventional method of removing caries, namely drilling, an innovative treatment with laser has now established itself. This is preferred by many patients and is very successful.

How does laser treatment against tooth decay work?

The dentist’s laser emits light energy in a very specific wavelength. This light is absorbed by the water in the teeth. The impulse leads to the smallest explosions, so-called micro-explosions. This means that extremely small amounts of tooth substance are literally blasted off. The light is aimed in a targeted manner to ensure that only the carious areas in the tooth are treated.

Caries treatment laser benefits

The innovative dental treatment by laser is minimally invasive and protects the substance of the tooth. The dental treatment offers painless caries removal without drilling and has a high success rate.


Dental lasers are precise, safe and replace the drill. The dentist now works with light instead of a drill and declares war on decayed teeth. Since dental lasers are very effective, this method of laser treatment is increasingly being offered. Treatment with laser is also suitable and absolutely safe for pregnant women or patients at risk. Thanks to the laser and its bundled light energy, the smallest areas in the oral cavity can be treated in a targeted manner. The laser also has a disinfecting effect so that bacteria don’t stand a chance. The laser is particularly suitable for anxious patients. It replaces the drill that many patients fear. The use of the laser also reduces the need for pain medication. Overall, the laser has finally arrived in dental practices and is achieving very good and indispensable successes here.

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