Root canal treatment

Deeper damage to the tooth nerve may make a root canal treatment necessary. If the dentin is damaged by deep caries, the protection of the tooth nerve can no longer be guaranteed and treatment in the root canals becomes necessary. In order to avoid the loss of the tooth and possibly a denture, an attempt is made to be able to preserve the tooth and therefore a root canal treatment is carried out in our dental practice. Your practice team offers you gentle treatment and caters to your individual needs.

Root canal treatment

The nerves are at home in the roots of our teeth. If these are damaged, for example by deep caries, treatment is necessary. The tooth nerve is removed gently and professionally with fine files. After the thorough removal, the root canal (s) is / are filled with gutta-percha; it may then be necessary to insert a pin into the tooth in order to be able to supply it with a denture. Your dentist will explain this to you during the treatment and discuss all further necessary steps with you.

Root canal treatment symptoms

If the nerve in the canal of the tooth is attacked, so-called gases can develop. These can cause symptoms such as chewing pain, a feeling of pressure and swelling for a necessary root canal treatment. If the area is already inflamed, the dental treatment can also make antibiosis necessary.


We would be happy to discuss your concerns, worries and fears in advance. Please do not hesitate to make an appointment in advance so that we can discuss your concerns in detail and resolve any concerns.

Treatment Risks

As with any medical and dental procedure, treating a root canal can be risky. Here you and your attending dentist will be given a detailed explanation. Side effects may include pain at the treated area or, for example, pain at the injection site with local anesthesia. If the root canal is overfilled, it can lead to pain in the treated tooth. If you have persistent complaints, please contact your dental practice

Care instructions after dental treatment

You can support the healing process yourself after treating the root by following the advice of your practitioner. They can help cool the cheek, refrain from smoking and be careful with foods that can be very irritating. In any case, care should be taken to ensure that oral hygiene is sufficiently thorough.

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