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We want to help those interested to understand the treatment processes at the dentist more precisely and in depth. That is why we clarify details of individual techniques in conversation with you in order to make you an enlightened patient.

All treatment options that we offer are listed and briefly explained below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our practice is located in the middle of Küsnacht near Zurich and can be easily reached by train or car within 20 minutes from Zurich train station.







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The aim of orthodontics is the detection and treatment of misaligned teeth and jaws.
The main focus of the treatment is the correction of crooked teeth or gaps in the teeth as well as the jaw (over- or over-bite). There are various methods of correction – they depend on age, living conditions and, of course, the degree of jaw misalignment.

We are a partner of Invisalign – you can carry out a correction for adults with clear alignments directly with us. Please do not hesitate to ask us.

With the modern application of scan and CAD-CAM techniques it is possible to produce inlays, crowns, bridges, abutments and implant templates in just one session. This shortens the treatment time and quickly returns your smile to you.
A dental implant is an artificial tooth root inserted into the jawbone. The dental implant serves as the foundation for the actual dental prosthesis, which is inserted in the form of a fixed crown or bridge.
Full Mouth Reconstruction
In a so-called full-mouth reconstruction , the aim is to produce or restore optically perfect and fully functional teeth. The procedure typically includes everything from dental bridges, dental crowns, fillings, dental implants, tooth extractions, veneers, and much more.
Kronen & Keramikfüllungen
A crown is a commonly used type of denture. If a tooth is too damaged to restore it with a filling, crowns made primarily of ceramic are used. A tooth crown is placed on the tooth stump and permanently attached with a special adhesive.
Laser Kariesbehandlung
Laser caries treatment as a method for removing caries is less painful than the conventional method of working the tooth with a drill. It can be used in the case of slight caries occurrences by aiming the laser directly on the carious areas. The lack of drilling noises alone makes the treatment feel more pleasant.
Kieferchirurgie Weissheitszähne
Whiteness teeth can form niches with the optimal breeding ground for carious defects and should be removed if there is crooked tooth growth or a lack of space in the jaw.
Optimally, whiteness teeth are removed up to the age of 25 due to the wound healing and the negative consequences of a resulting tooth misalignment.
A root canal treatment (also often referred to as “root treatment”) is a dental procedure with the aim of preserving inflamed or already dead teeth. The reason for a root canal treatment are bacteria that have lodged in and around the root canal. These are removed by the procedure with the root canal treatment.
Not all teeth whitening are the same! The method of bleaching the teeth is now very popular and there are many home whitening products with the promise to turn the discolored teeth into a brilliant white.
But there are many different methods that are gentle on tooth enamel and gums.
Before you resort to the bleaching agent of choice – just ask us.
Digital Smile Design
Digital smile design is an innovative method to simulate the future smile of the patient directly on the computer.
With the digital smile design, special attention is paid to the harmonious interplay of face, lips and teeth.
The method is used when, for example, veneers are used.
Fear patients are not alone – not only are there many patients who have developed a fear of treatment at the dentist, but we are there for you – before, during and after the treatment. We get to know you first, advise you and only treat you after consultation. Anxiety-relieving medication or anesthetic options and methods are of course also available if fears seem insurmountable at first. We want them to have positive experiences – because lifelong dental health should also be achievable for anxious patients.
A painless injection – that’s what many want. And they exist! Quicksleeper is a painless, local anesthetic in which you can hardly feel the puncture. It also allows a larger area to be anesthetized very quickly and accordingly saves the time that normally arises before the anesthesia takes effect.
The advantage of “Quicksleeper” is the lack of deafness, which we know and feel only too well when we bite our lips “almost” imperceptibly after a treatment.
Periodontology is generally concerned with the tooth retention appliance. Gum diseases such as periodontitis can lead to the destabilization of the teeth holding apparatus and in the worst case to tooth loss. The diagnosis and early treatment of gum disease is the goal of periodontal treatments.
Today one can ask why a metal mixture of silver, tin, copper and mercury has spread so widely in the dental industry when it has been proven to be so harmful.
At the time when amlagam was used as a tooth filling, the harmful side effects were not known and amalgam was easy to process, inexpensive and quite durable.
Today amalgam is no longer used because there are many and better alternatives available. If you still have amalgam fillings, we will be happy to advise you on how we can gently remove and replace them.
Proper dental and oral hygiene at home can prevent many things. However, oral hygiene at home and tooth brushing do not remove all of the particles on the tooth. For example, as the term suggests, tartar is very resistant and is removed during a so-called DH. Usually a DH is divided into several steps:

1: A simple plaque staining test tells us what needs to be cleaned
2: Tartar is completely removed manually
3: An airflow powder jet then cleans every last corner
4: After a thorough mouth rinse, the polishing takes place with a special paste
5: After polishing, fluoridation follows – this is then not rinsed and can therefore act optimally on the teeth and interdental spaces.

Digitales Röntgen
The digital X-ray allows a much lower radiation exposure than the conventional X-ray device. Up to 90% less radiation is required to supply the digital detector system with a high-resolution image. In contrast to the old X-ray process, as the name suggests, the images are not developed on a film, so there is no need for any harmful substances. The digital X-ray is therefore not only more efficient, but also more environmentally friendly.

Especially with digital volume tomography, DVT for short, is the complete and detailed representation of the facial anatomy, which enables optimal diagnosis and treatment.
Individual exposures and panoramic exposures can be created – with a panoramic exposure, the device’s sensor moves once around the jaw to create the image in a single step.

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